Executive Director - Summary: Responsible directly to the Oconto County Commission on Aging Board. Serve as chief administration officer of Oconto County Commission on Aging and be responsible for the proper administration of all programs/services and funding, in compliance with the Wisconsin Elders Act and Federal Older Americans Act, under State Statutes. Must understand and work within the philosophy of community based long-term care services and support values, mission, and vision of the agency. To assure that older people of the county have the opportunity to realize their full potential and to participate in and have access to these services.
Overview of Duties: Overall responsibility of administration and management of the Oconto County Commission on Aging, Inc., non-profit, 501 c 3 organization. Duties include program planning/service delivery for older persons, and supervision of all part and full-time employees. Additional responsibilities include grant writing, community coordination, fiscal management, and technical support to service provider agencies.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Monitors State and Older Americans Act Programs. Directs the implementation of the Aging Plan, including the establishment, modification, expansion, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of programs funded by the agency. Plans for, receives, and administers funding. Evaluates programs and services for funding purposes. Writes grants and coordinates fund raising efforts for additional monies needed to operate agency programs. Maintains and submits annual budgets. Directs compilation of all monthly/annual fiscal/program reports to the Oconto County Commission on Aging, County and the State of Wisconsin (GWAAR). Responsible for selection and hiring of employees. The Commission on Aging Board may assist with interviews/hires as requested by the Director. Supervise all Oconto County Commission on Aging Services' employees and/or delegate supervisory authority to other authorized personnel. Follow and interrupt Personnel Policy Manual, and its application to employees. Follow the established pay rates as approved by the Commission on Aging Board Organizes and administers a comprehensive staff development and training program. Keep Oconto County Commission on Aging Board advised on pertinent information needed to carry out its policy making function. Make recommendations to the Commission on Aging Board on changes in policies and procedures that are necessary and/or beneficial to the agency. Request information and assistance from the Commission on Aging Board to help reach agency goals. Develops annually, administrative priorities, specific goals and objectives established for the agency. Coordinates with the Oconto County Administrator on appointments to the Oconto County Commission on Aging Board. Coordinates with the Oconto County Finance Director on annual budget and audit matters.
Other Duties: Develops and maintains supportive and effective working relationships with other agencies and/or service providers to ensure a coordinated and cooperative effort. Develops a supportive, cooperative, working relationship with other agencies and service delivery groups, and officials so that they are sensitive and responsive to the needs of older adults. Advocates on behalf of older individuals to assist in enabling them to meet their basic needs and assist in expressing their views in local and statewide decision making. Participates in various associations, trainings and workshops, as needed. Serves as a committee member to local agencies boards, advisory boards, representing the agency, as available.
QUALIFICATIONS: Experience and/or training to perform the above duties.
LANGUAGE SKILLS: Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.  Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community.  Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to prescribed style and format.  Ability to effectively present information to top management, public groups, and/or boards of directors.

Secretary/Transportation Coordinator - GENERAL RESPONSIBILITES: Operates computer to compile, type, revise, combine, print, and store documents. Answer incoming calls and transfer them to the appropriate personnel or takes detailed messages when person is unavailable. Promotes the Volunteer Escort Program, recruit’s drivers, and monitors driver activity. Must have a working knowledge on the operation of most programs so that, when necessary, can answer basic questions and fill in whenever necessary, as directed by the Executive Director. Schedules appointments and otherwise relieves supervisors of clerical work, minor administrative and business detail by performing the following duties:
Answering the telephone and directing the call to the appropriate person or taking a detailed message. Greeting clients that walk in to the office and referring them to the appropriate person. Makes telephone calls when asked giving or seeking clear and accurate information when making the calls.SECRETARY DUTIES:
Manages Director's calendar, independently schedules appointments and makes reservations when necessary. Orders and maintains supplies, arranges for equipment maintenance, loads paper in printers, changes ribbons, toner, or ink cartridges when necessary. Maintains fax machine, assists users, sends faxes, retrieves and routes incoming faxes. Creates and prints fax cover sheets, memos, correspondence, reports, and other documents when necessary.
Performs other duties as needed, such as filing, photocopying, and collating. Coordinates and arranges meetings, prepares agendas, reserves and prepares facilities, records and transcribes meeting minutes. Organizes and maintains file system, files correspondence and other records. Formats documents and enters information, using computer, checking completed documents using automated spelling and grammar checker, proofreads and corrects errors. Stores completed documents in machine memory or on a data storage medium. Creates database and spreadsheet files. Keeps records of vacation and sick leave current for all personal. Operates the computer, copy machine, and other office equipment, when required or necessary. Sees that outgoing mail is taken to the post office daily.
Compiles monthly reports from meal site managers. 
VOLUNTEER ESCORT COORDINATOR: Coordinates the schedule for the Oconto in-city bus route. Coordinates the needs of participants with volunteer drivers in order to provide transportation as necessary. Occasionally drives a van, car or bus to deliver meals, groceries and/or people. All positions require doing other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Substitute Drivers - Food Drivers; GENERAL RESPONSIBLITIES: The driver is responsible for the transporting of food to specified nutrition sites and to home-delivered clients.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Loads the meals into the vehicle at the kitchen, making sure that all carriers are closed tightly to protect the hot and cold food. Transport all hot and cold food in the insulated carriers to the meal sites without opening them in transit. All sites need separate hot containers and are to be transported into the meal site. Empty pans are to be put in the hot containers per meal sites. (No loose obiects) Keep all food free from contamination while loading, unloading and in transit. Keep the vehicle/food containers CLEAN. Please notify cooks if there is any excessive spillage Follow the maintenance schedule for up-keep and maintenance of the vehicle. This includes keeping vehicle clean and free of contaminates. Develops and maintains a good working relationship with the cooks and the meal site managers. Carries written communications back and forth between the kitchen and the meal site managers, and between the office and the meal site managers. Fills out the daily log indicating odometer readings and the total miles for each day. All other duties by Nutrition Director and/or Executive Director.

Bus Driver: GENERAL RESOPSIBILITIES: Assume responsibility for the transportation of individuals' ambulatory and non-ambulatory in certain aspects of the transportation program; loading and unloading passengers in a courteous and helpful manner, ensure the safety of the passengers, and complete the necessary reports required by the program in a neat and timely manner. Must be able to drive a mini-bus/van and maintain vehicle.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Is responsible to make sure all passengers are in their seats and seat belts are in place before leaving on scheduled routes. All wheelchairs are to be secured and the wheelchair passenger must have seat belt in place before leaving on the scheduled route. If passenger needs assistance, the driver is to assist in a courteous and helpful manner treating the client with respect. Must keep accurate records of the passengers riding and the services each passenger receivers; reports must accurately state trip miles and time allotted each trip. Submit paperwork to the transportation coordinator in a timely and accurate manner. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CLEANLINESS OF THE BUS. Must follow bus maintenance guidelines as set forth by the transportation coordinator. Must report any accident immediately to the transportation coordinator. Must be able to work with the elderly, developmentally challenged and disabled persons. Must dress and groom yourself in accordance with accepted social and business standards, particularly if your job involves dealing with clients. Must be able to lift 25 pounds and be able to sit for prolonged periods of time. Must have a valid driver's license, safe driving record and good defensive driving skills.  Attend training and staff meetings at the direction of the transportation coordinator. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with everyone involved in the transportation program always. ONFIDENTIALITY must be upheld concerning all clients involved in the transportation program always. All other duties as assigned by Transportation Coordinator and/or Executive Director.

Meal Site Managers - GENERAL RESPONSIBILITES: responsible for organizing and managing a meal site for older people, as well as home-delivered meal program for homebound, older people in the general area of the meal site.
SPECIFIC DUTIES: Take a leadership role in greeting participants, making announcements, introducing programs and initiating the serving of meals.
Takes care of new participants making sure they feel welcome and accepted throughout their first visit to the meal site. Recruits, trains, and supervises the volunteers necessary for the operation of the congregate and home-delivered meal program. Prepares bi-monthly Focus on Aging newsletter article and turned in by the 10th of the month. Creates and organizes program activities (educational, recreational, and health) at the meal site. Arranges transportation of participants to the meal site where necessary. On questionable weather days a decision will be made by 6:00 a.m. Turn to channel 2 WBAY, channel 11 WLUK or the WOCO radio station. (107.1 FM)
DUTIES RELATED TO FOOD: Monitor the food service so that meals are:Received at the site, held and served (or delivered) at proper temperatures.
 Maintained in sanitary conditions at the site. Enforces other health and safety regulations at the site. Makes sure the food is packaged and sent to the home delivered meals participants in an attractive form. Be available to participants during meals (eat the meal with the participants) Ensure there are no frozen meals kept beyond 90 days. DUTIES RELATED TO RECORD KEEPING Maintains accurate records on site operations, including at least:  Meals ordered and served recorded on weekly roster sheets;Money collected recorded; Bank deposit slips;  Volunteer time sheets;  Food temperature reports. Prepares weekly reports (meals served recorded, monies collected recorded, bank deposit slips, food temperature reports and volunteer time sheets), and sends them to the office by the second working day of the following week. Maintains proper procedures for meal donations, insuring the anonymity of the donations and making everyone understand that they are free to donate whatever they can afford to aid the continuance of the program. See that participants are properly registered.
Orders a close to accurate number of meals by 1:00 p.m. of the last working day in advance of the serving day. Chooses appropriate persons to count participant's donations for the day and sign in ink the verification slip. Deposits daily the total amount of money collected.
STAFF DUTIES: Make sure meal site is cleaned before leaving for the day. Attends scheduled staff meetings and attends other training deemed necessary by the Executive Director.  Must be able to function effectively with a minimum of supervision. Must be creative, dependable, friendly and able to relate well with people, especially with the elderly. Must be able to coordinate the various aspects of the program.