Bond Grant Approved

June 1, 2023

The Oconto County Commission on Aging, Inc. a private non-profit organization started in 1979 providing services to the seniors in Oconto County, is pleased to announce the award of $30,000 to assist in the purchase of a new food delivery vehicle to provide Home Delivered Meals to participants in Oconto County, from the Leon H. and Clymene M. Bond Foundation.
These funds will be used to purchase a replacement vehicle for our 2012 Grand Caravan with over 364,000 miles delivering meals. We currently provide services to 558 individuals, serving 41,657 meals, and putting on around 8,000 miles per month through our programs. We deliver over 100 Home Delivered Meals per day. These funds are instrumental in keeping our operations going. The Commission receives Federal and State grants on a reimbursement basis for delivering services, but there is no room in the budget for replacing vehicles, so we rely on the generosity of Foundations like Leon H. and Clymene M. Bond Foundations to help replace our equipment when necessary. The Bond Foundation has aided our organization in the past and we are grateful to their continuing efforts to keep our organization running for the benefit of our participants in Oconto County.