Elder Benefits

The Elderly Benefit Specialist (EBS) provides advocacy and assistance to Oconto County residents, age 60 and older, with issues related to public and private benefits, entitlement programs, and legal services.

The EBS is continually trained and monitored by attorneys knowledgeable in elder law.

The Elderly Benefit Specialists will aid older adults in determining the benefits they are entitled to by performing a "benefit check-up". From here, we will advise and assist with the application process.

The Elderly Benefit Specialist Will Assist with:
All files and correspondence are kept locked and your conversation with the EBS will remain confidential. You may be asked to sign a release of information so the EBS can inquire about benefits on your behalf.

Elderly Benefit Specialist are committed to providing public education through:
Funding of the Elderly Benefit Specialist
The EBS program is mandated by, and supported with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the federal Older Americans Act. The State Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources in the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services coordinate the program statewide.

There is no charge for the services. Persons assisted by the program are encouraged to make a donation.

The Elderly Benefit Specialist: Bobbi Knaus